Riddles – Puzzling Riddles And Conundrums

Riddles – Puzzling Riddles And Conundrums

Human beings tend to be rational however we fall into error and confusion quite easily. Check out this argument for example:

Every person is a ray of sunshine.
Every person is a being of light and shade.
Therefore every being of light and shade is a ray of

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This is not valid and the conclusion does not necessarily follow the premises. Below we have some quick puzzling riddles followed by a more in depth conundrum.


Riddle: A zoo-keeper has lost the ability to distinguish between elephants and emus. However, he is able to count eyes and feet. He counts 58 eyes and 84 feet.

How many elephants and emus are there?


Riddle: Some bacteria in a bowl divide themselves every minute in two equal parts that are the same size as the original bacteria and which also divide the next minute and so on. The bowl in which this is occurring is full at 12 PM.

When was it half full?


Riddle: There are 2 swans in front of a swan, 2 swans behind a swan and one swan in the middle.

How many swans are there?


Riddle: 2 boys are born to the same mother, on the same day, at the same time, in the same year and yet they’re not twins.

How can this be?


The Disappearing Dollar Riddle


Riddle: 3 salesmen check into a hotel and share one room. They pay $30 to the manager and head off to raid the mini-bar. The manager realizes the week-day rate is only $25, so he gives $5 to the bellboy to return to the salesmen. The bellboy fails to split $5 three ways so keeps $2 and gives the salesmen $1 each.

However, there’s a problem. A dollar has gone missing. The salesmen started off by paying the hotel $30 ($10 each). The manager returns $5 to the bellboy who takes $2 and returns $3 ($1 to each salesman). This means that each man has now paid $9.

So we have $27 the salesmen have paid (3 x $9) and the $2 the bellboy has pocketed. This totals $29, but the salesmen gave the hotel $30

Where’s the missing dollar gone?


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